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Cool, Free, and Fun Cape May

Wake up early and head to the promenade to watch the sunrise.

Head down to the beach after dark and look up. On clear nights, you can see the Milky Way.

Every evening at sunset from Memorial Day through early September, Kiwanians gather together a small group of young people at the Cove end of the Promenade to join them in lowering the flag. Flag etiquette is shown along with how to properly fold the flag into its traditional triangular shape. Each participant receives a certificate signed by the Cape May City Mayor proclaiming their participation and an American Flag lapel pin.

While building a sand castle, look for tiny holes in the sand from burrowing sand or mole crabs. Shovel out a scoop of sand and see if you can catch one before they dig back in.

Go to a free concert at Rotary Park. Get the schedule at

Bring a beach chair and a blanket, and enjoy free movies on the beach. No beach tags required. Every Thursday starting at 8PM next to the Cape May Convention Center.

Check the grass around 432 Congress for toads. They are seen in the morning and evening.

Bike over and visit the museum and trails at Cape May Point State Park (at the Lighthouse).

Grab a sample of fudge and other snacks at shops on or near the Washington Street Mall.

Walk through the West End Garage and check out the mix of old and new collectibles.

Ride the bikes over to West Cape May to check out the brood of chickens at Beach Plum Farm and the beauty of Willow Creek Winery (about a mile each way). You can feed the chickens too, but that costs a quarter.

Hunt for Cape May Diamonds, view the S.S. Atlantus wreck, and visit the shops at Sunset Beach (If you go for the sunset ceremony, be prepared for some traffic coming and going).

Take a flashlight and the kids to the Cove Beach just after sunset when the ghost crabs come out of their holes looking for food.